Being involved with the Community

For the last day in a half, Ms. Leah Tunkarah needed help watering the garden, digging trenches( to plant new veggies)., she needed help vacuuming the floors, the overgrown weeds needed to be cut, and parts of her bathroom needed to be cleaned- In total everything it took about 4 hours for a day in a half.

The consequences:

  • Conversations about how we live our lives
  • How our brains function( how we see the world)
  • Discipline
  • Values
  • Respect
  • Education
  • Community
  • A nutritious meal
  • A place to rest
  • Books to read
  • A quiet place to think and relax  

Before I arrived to my auntie Leah house, I collected some goods from a non-profit called ‘Feed my sheep’. Once I arrived to Ms. Leah house, I gave her some of the veggies I received from feed my sheep- I wanted to show my gratitude or thanks for allowing me to be in her inspiring home and I knew she would use them. Later she used some of the veggies to cook some healthy meals-a circular exchange occurred and it nourished us spiritually, physically and mentally. What does gardening look like automated ? I thought of my auntie’s carpal tunnel & the amount of work it takes to actually garden. I want to work with anyone with similar thoughts & ideas.

contact info:

(1) Jamir Brunson | Facebook


2 thoughts on “Being involved with the Community”

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